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Get on the road to Financial Success with

Our Tax Preparation, Credit Restoration, Grant Proposal Readiness and

Business Consultant Services

 (We Have Keep It Simple Solutions)

History of SBC Solutions LLC

For the lack of knowledge is why SBC Solutions LLC started in 2003. 

Founder/CEO Sharon Griffin saw after working with family and friends that many people was lacking in knowledge about how credit was built and reported. This was a problem that she wanted to help solve. 

Since opening in 2003 she has continued to educate about credit but also added in 2005 tax preparation and planning. 

As of  Oct. 2022, the staff of SBC Solutions have assisted with helping over 10,000 individuals with their credit disputes, negotations, and building and over 5,500 individuals with their tax preparation and planning. 

SBC Solutions LLC is where you come to receive a solution not a quick fix.

Knowledge is Powerful Not Only When Applied But Shared

Sharon Youse Griffin 


It started in 1995 when she was apart of the Mistaken Identity Era. Finding out she was unable to purchase her first home because of a credit report that consisted of several maxed-out credit cards, a couple of repossessions, 1 foreclosure and 2 divorces that was a heartbreaker.

She educated herself concerning every aspect of credit and how the 3 CRA calculated who purchased cars and home. After learning as much as she could she restored and rebuilt her credit, as well as family and friends. It became a passion because she was having fun with assisting others reach that credit score of 750 and higher.

Passions that turned Into Paycheck

In 2003, the credit restoration passion became a part-time paycheck as well as Tax Preparation. After speaking with many and with the support of family she turned her passions into a full-time credit restoration do it yourself (DIY) business along with her tax preparation services in 2006. 

Currently, SBC Solutions LLC headquarter is located in High Point, NC.  

Stand Boldly in Helping Others Achieve

"I stand boldly in helping others achieve their goals with Simple Building Financial Strategies. Which will lead to an increase not only in their credit scores but their cash flow as well."

Sharon Specializes in: Credit Restoration, Tax Preparation, Grant Proposal Readiness, Notary Public

Learn the Rules, Play the Game, Gain the Wealth

Our Team Of Executives

Kaki Clark

Office Executor/Grant Advisor

Kaki is our office executive manager. She also handle our with For-Profit and Non-Profit Grant department.

She has been with SBC Solutions for 8 years. She has her own consultant business Faith Enterprisez LLC.

Brenda Boyd

CFO/Tax Educator

Brenda has her Doctorate in Business and Accounting.

She worked with Jackson Hewitt  for 21 years. She has been an Adjunct Professor for Business since 2013.

She has been a part of SBC Solutions for 6 years. 

She has her own business,

Boyd Services

Richard Griffin


Richard (Ricky) is over our transportation department. He has his own transportation business, Here to Serve U LLC and catering business. He has been with us for 3 years.

Angela McKee

SBC Solutions Photographer

Angela has her own photography business. She has been with us for over 6 years.

Angela Photography LLC

Our People Shall Not Perish Because of the Lack of Knowledge