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Get on the Road to Financial Success with

Our Tax Preparation, Credit Restoration, Grant Proposal Readiness and  

Business Consultant Services

(We Have Keep It Simple Solutions)



SBC Solutions representatives provide the proposal readiness services to get their clients prepared for submitting grant proposals.

Each representatives strive to make sure that each client have the resources needed to be ready for any grants made available for their project.

WE assist

Schedule a Consultation to see if you are Ready.

SBC Solutions representatives have assist business owners with grant preparation services to learn that 65% does not meet the guidelines and eligibility nor do they have the required documentation. This places them in the percentile of not being ready for a grant proposal to be submitted. 

We offer the services to assist  businesses to meet the guidelines and eligibility as well as have the required documentation. 

We prepare the businesses for the terms that may be required to meet if rewarded a grant. Schedule a Consultation

SBC Solutions representatives is aware that it doesn't matter which type of grant application or proposal an organization is seeking to support an organization mission. There are several basic core elements that need to be in place before being taken serious by most funding opportunities. Such as needs statement, goals and objectives, plan of implementation, staffing, annual budget, project budget, etc. Just as we stated for business grants we assist organizations with preparation. Schedule a Consultation

1. Grant Services Contract: we serve as consultants to assist with long-term success of the organization or business programs. Agreements are 6 or 12 months

2. Grant Prospect Research: We access subscription-base databank.

3. Proofreading and Editing: We provide a second set of eyes on the grants before submitting.

4. Foundation Grants: We work closely with organization or business staff. We assist with completing the grant application, proposal and letter of inquiry.

5. Grant Consultations and Training: We provide one-on-one  and group sessions,

6. Grants Management: We assist with the next phase.

If you see a service you may need lets have a Consultation.

Since the Pandemic so much has change but we know that life must go on. We must shift our way of thinking when it comes to funding and finances for our businesses and nonprofit organizations. The staff at SBC Solutions decided to do the leg work for those  who are looking for funding but do not know where to begin. So we have built a database of funding opportunities for both businesses and nonprofit organizations. Click the topic or the picture to get a glimpse of some of the funding opportunities we currently have and adding more weekly. To receive a list of the current funding opportunities topics alone with a checklist for both businesses and nonprofits click here for your copy of downloads. If you would like to know more lets have a  consultation.